Create a custom shower with Floor Boys

bath room tile companyRefreshing, invigorating, inviting – these are the words that should come to mind when you step into your dream bathroom with a custom shower from Floor Boys.

While showering is an everyday ritual, it should never be routine. Imagine invigorating sprays of warm or cool water that awaken you in the morning and the pulsating power of hot water that soothe your body after a full day of work and play.

Floor Boys helps you design a custom shower that is more just a bathroom fixture – it is reflection of how you live your life.


Creating a custom shower requires some personal reflection on your part. Contemplate the shower design that best fits your life in the South Carolina area. Ask yourself whether you use your shower to get squeaky clean or to relax after a tough day at work. Look at the shower space and decide whether the space dictates an enclosure with full walls, half walls, or a combination of both. Will children use it too? You can the height of the showerhead that suits everyone or even opt for a hand shower.


Speaking of showerheads, you are not restricted to the old-fashioned spray head mounted to the wall – consider a ceiling-mount showerhead for a cascade of water. For an all-over body massage, ask Floor Boys to install a body spray system that turns your shower into a spa.

Shower Enclosures

Customize your shower enclosure to fit the specifications of your bathroom and your own personal sense of style. You will be impressed with our large selection of beautiful and lead-free enclosures.

Choose from amenities such as shower bases, soap and shampoo niches, shower seats and shelves, and liquid rubber waterproofing. Our representatives can help you decide between the various styles of high quality tile-able and acrylic custom shower bases and pans.

Our showers are comfortable and attractive, and quality installation guarantees water stays where it should.

Customizing your Shower

Floor Boys makes their own custom showers with tile, stone, and other materials that will make your bathroom look stunning. You can get a new shower as part of an entire bathroom renovation or just treat yourself to the best shower you have ever had. Rely on the experts at Floor Boys to help you design a custom shower. Our representatives will:

• Review products that reflect your personal needs and styles
• Discuss layout specifics
• Determine flow rates for proper valve selection
• Decide on trim that ties it all together

Contact Floor Boys to make all your custom shower dreams come true. We will help you design a bathroom that not only looks beautiful but feels great, too.

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