How to Choose the Best Hardwood Floors for Your Home

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October 31, 2015
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How to Choose the Best Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Best Hardwood Floors

When it comes time for home renovations or a full-on house makeover, one of the biggest thing that many people want to update is their flooring.

Hardwood floors are a popular choice when it comes to home upgrades. Hardwood flooring is loved for the way it adds a cozy sense of “being home” to any house. It’s a classic look that lasts a lifetime and gets even better with age.

Of course, hardwood floors are an investment. There are a few things you should know before making any final decisions. Below are a few factors to consider if you want to make sure that you are purchasing the best hardwood floors you possibly can.


No one said that choosing hardwood flooring would be simple. One of the first things to know about picking the right hardwood flooring is that some woods are harder and more sturdy than others.

Will your home be full of pets and kids? Then it’s probably wise to choose from among the hardest woods available. A hardwood can stand up well to daily wear and tear, while a softer wood tends to show scratches and scuff marks.

Harder types of wood are more dense and durable. They include oak, maple, walnut, hickory, and more. The most popular softwoods include cedar, pine, and redwood.


From board width to colors, appearance is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for new hardwood floors. This will be a major factor in the overall look and feel of your home, so choose wisely!

Color and Texture

When shopping for hardwood flooring, this is the first consideration that comes to mind for most people.

Of course, most woods are some shade of brown. However, there are also red, white, and even black woods! Depending on the look you’re going for, you’ll need to choose between light and dark woods, and then narrow it down to a specific shade.

Dark woods tend to evoke elegance and sophistication. They are often strikingly beautiful and give a more serious tone to a space.

Lighter woods, on the other hand, can give off a more rustic and approachable feel. They keep the interior of your home more light and airy than a rich dark wood would.

The texture of a wood is also important. It is sometimes referred to as the grain of the wood. From striated patterns to swooping swirls, all woods have a slightly different look to them.

In addition to the natural texture of the wood, some types of hardwood flooring are altered to give off a certain vibe. For example, the wood can be polished and shined to look squeaky clean and brand new. This gives it an ultra-modern feel.

In the same way, wood can be hand-stressed and scraped to look more antique and time-worn. This gives it an instant classic look, as if it’s been in the family for years.

While color and texture are very important, keep in mind that they are not the only things you should be thinking about! It may sound like a lot, but all of it is important to think about when searching for the best hardwood flooring for your home.

Board Width

The appearance of your new flooring isn’t all about the color. Things like board width matter too, even if it’s not something you’d normally consider.

Boards are considered to be narrow when they are made up of strips about three inches or less. Any bigger than that is considered to be a wider plank.

Narrow strips are a traditional choice because they create the illusion of more space. Broader boards, on the other hand, give a rustic and homey look. It really just depends on what kind of vibe you are attempting to create in your space.

Type of Wood

Of course, the wood species is important when it comes to hardwood flooring. In addition to hardness, the right type of wood for you will have properties that matter to you.

Woods will vary in their patterns, colors, and strength. Finding the right combination that has all the characteristics you want can be a bit of a process. Popular choices for hardwood floors include oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, and more.

You’ll also have to choose between domestic and exotic woods. Exotic woods tend to have a unique look to them, which is a big draw for many buyers. However, this also makes them more expensive.

Construction Process: Engineered or Solid?

Another major decision to make when choosing a hardwood floor is weighing engineered vs. solid wood. Both are real wood. The main difference between engineered and solid wood is the composition.

Engineered hardwood floors are made up of strips of wood that are packed tightly together, forming a sort of interlocking pattern. Layers of wood are bonded together, which gives these floors greater stability. Thus, engineered floors tend to be better at preventing warping and other kinds of damage.

Engineered floors also use fewer trees to make than solid floors. Luckily, most woods can be made into engineered flooring if this is your preference.

Solid hardwood floors, on the other hand, are strips of real wood. This type of wood comes from a single piece of wood. It can be sanded down again and again, which means it can last a lifetime.

Solid floors are a more natural material. This makes them vulnerable to weather conditions such as temperature and humidity. This type of flooring does not do well in damp places.

Choosing between engineered and solid floors depends a lot on where you live and what your needs are. Knowing the difference is an important step in choosing the best hardwood floors for your home.

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