How to Choose the Best Carpet Color For Your Home

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How to Choose the Best Carpet Color For Your Home

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Whether you’re buying, selling, or trying to spruce up your family home, nothing adds value and freshness to your home like new carpet. With so many styles and options, finding the right carpet that you can live with for the next few years can be overwhelming. One of the most important decisions to figuring out which carpet color you want in your house.

Colors inside your home set the tone for how visitors feel when they come to your home. Colors say a lot of about the personality of the homeowner and can determine how your family feels inside your home.

And of course, there’s always cleanliness.

Along with practical considerations, here are seven things to consider before you choose your new carpet color.

1. Lifestyle

If this is your first home, you might want to think carefully about the color of your first carpet. Consider how your family might grow, what sort of work you and your family do in and around the house.

An outdoorsy family might need something that suits their lifestyle. A family that’s more into modern, European style might like something that fits with their modern decor.

If your small kids run through the house with soccer cleats, white might not be the choice for you. The same goes for if your dogs play in the yard before tracking dirt into the house. Your carpet color could tie your home together or it could be an endless headache.

2. Furniture and Fittings

If this is your first home, you may not have decided on all of your final furniture yet. This can be a great opportunity to have a little more voice on the interior design of your home than most homebuyers have.

If you’ve already got your ideal furniture in place or on the way, think about how your collection would fit with your new carpet color. Modern design privileges bold color choices. Older wood and leather finishes might merit something more modern.

Your carpet could be a balancing factor in tying all of your furniture together. If you have lots of bold vintage furniture and fittings, think about something that doesn’t distract from your home goods. There is such a thing as too much style and you don’t want your home to be a victim of that.

3. Take Your Time With Samples

After you’ve figured out the texture and fiber type, take your time with your decision making. Once you lay down the carpet, it’s a nightmare to take it up or reset it.

Talk to the salespeople at whatever store you’re looking at. See if they have offcuts they can offer you. A strip or sample of the carpet color you’re considering will allow you to see what your furniture and fittings will look like with your new carpet.

Lighting on a showroom floor is always different than what you’ve got in your home, so be sure you see what the carpet looks like on your home turf. Most salespeople will be more than happy to give you samples to take with you in hopes of getting your business.

4. Choose Your Carpet Before You Paint

Since color technology in paint can give you just about anything you can imagine, you won’t have any trouble matching paint to your carpet. This is why you should pick your carpet color out before you start buying up your paint.

Lots of mottled carpets that appear to have a single tone actually have several mixed in. You could take advantage of these tones and accent your room with the colors in the pattern rather than just one solid complementary color. Carpet undertones can be powerful.

Then, of course, finish all of your painting before you actually lay the carpet out. This seems like a no-brainer, but lots of people ruin the carpet they spent weeks picking out by confusing the order of operations.

5. Lighting

Think about your lighting scheme when choosing your color. If you plan to have a bright home to contrast being on the shady side of the street, think about how the natural lighting will interact with your carpet color.

If you get plenty of natural light in your windows, you might want to consider installing carpet that is a little bolder or rich in color. A white carpet in a brightly lit room could be a little bit jarring.

Also, think about evening lighting. If you like to curl up with a book in low light after a long day at work, a rich earthier tone could work for you. Figure out ways that your lighting can make your carpet color work.

6. Balance

Learn a little bit about color balance and when you’re looking into carpet color. Dark colors lend a weight and stability to a room but can be overwhelming if combined with dark furniture. If you’ve got a particular painting that really ties your room together, think about how your carpet can balance with that.

If you’ve got rich color on your walls, think about a heavier color for your carpet for a little extra balance.

7. Think About Palette

Think like a painter when deciding on your color. Don’t be afraid to pick up a color wheel. It can be very instructive.

Opposing hues can do something exciting if that matches your personality and style. But that won’t work for everyone. White walls and orange carpet might be fun if you like to entertain but for quieter nights, it might be hard to relax.

Look through art and design catalogs or magazines and see how artists balance color out. You might find some inspiration too.

Carpet Color Will Define Your Home

Finding the right color will help to define your home and ensure that you feel warm and cozy in every room. Think about what you want from your home and trust your gut.

If you have other questions about how to find the right carpet for your home, contact us for some clever solutions.

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