If you have decided to add new carpet floors or replace the old carpet in your home or office, Floor Boys is here to help.

We offer one of the largest selections of carpet in the Midlands, Lexington, and Columbia, South Carolina area. Additionally, we offer expert assistance as you choose your floor and any time before, during, or after the installation process.

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When it comes to the style of your carpet, you have several options: texture, loop, and pattern. Textured carpet carries an appearance of having a texture, rather than perfectly smooth, while loop refers to the pile of the carpet. These fibers are uncut, creating a looped surface. Meanwhile, with pattern, you could choose a pattern loop, where the loops are arranged in symmetrical but uneven heights – or the pattern can be cut into cut fibers. The pattern can be multi-colored or monochrome.
So if you are asking Where to buy carpet in Lexington, SC? or Where to buy carpet in Columbia, SC? You have found The Best Carpet Lexington SC has to offer with Floor Boys!
In other words, the options for style are endless.

Where to buy carpet in Lexington, SC? Where to buy carpet in Columbia, SC?

Home & Office

Carpet is a smart flooring choice for many applications, like offices, playrooms, and finished basements. Even outdoor covered decks can be enhanced with suitable outdoor carpet. Whether you need carpet for a high-traffic family area or want a beautiful look and style to complement a room, carpeting is a surprisingly versatile and customizable flooring option.

Carpet Color

Your carpet color choice is entirely individual, but your Floor Boys representative can even help with this, during your home assessment. Large carpet samples can be brought to your home so you will be able to see exactly how a carpet color is going to play off your wall color. Nothing has to be left to chance. Generally speaking, though, darker colors hide dirt and stains, whereas lighter colors such as beige are better for homes where residents remove their shoes at the door.

Carpet Fiber

One element of their carpeting that people commonly overlook is the carpet’s fiber. The kind of fiber you choose for your carpet not only affects its look and feel, but also its durability, cleanability, longevity, and color. Depending on the fiber, your can get a carpet that won’t fade in the sunlight, resists stains, holds up under lots of traffic, or stays soft for years. Some fibers also hold color better than others, so keep that in mind.

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