commercial flooring lexington sc
At Floor Boys in Lexington, SC, we understand that choosing the proper flooring for your business is a service to your customers. Your choice should reflect your business and your values.

You shouldn’t have to compromise decorating and design goals for safety and comfort. With Floor Boys, you won’t have to. Our commercial product line includes hand-selected hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, and stone.


If your flooring needs call for carpeting, we have flat, textured, and sculpted styles in myriad color choices for your consideration. Carpeting is not only about what you see, but what you and your customers don’t see.

Our product line includes high-quality padding that extends the life of your carpet and delivers a low-impact surface that adds to the comfort and feel. Stain-resistant products keep a beautiful appearance and stand up to necessary cleaning in high-traffic waiting areas and work stations.


Laminate and vinyl flooring offers business the style and look of hardwood or stone while coming with a more budget-friendly price tag. Both laminate and vinyl floors are also very durable, holding up to large volumes of traffic, which makes them even more attractive for businesses with high customer volume.


Textured tiles are the safest floor option for businesses that cater to people with compromised mobility. Nursing homes, geriatric doctors’ offices, and service centers find this flooring provides a safe, easy to clean surface for customers and guests.

Natural stone is soothing and relaxing. It creates an earthy atmosphere and is an excellent choice for our regional climate and culture.

Versatile tile comes in a full range of sizes, colors, materials, and designs. Whether you want to create a fun, energetic mood, or you need a crisp, sterile environment, tile delivers. Porcelain, stone, marble, and metal tiles are a few of the materials available.


Hardwood flooring is suitable for almost any commercial venue, from medical and educational settings to retail and service companies. South Carolina malls, hospitals, schools, and hospitality locations choose hardwood flooring for long-lasting beauty coupled with strong performance.

Many colors and plank sizes allow you to add beauty and elegance to complement your current design plans. Hand-selected maple, cherry, oak, walnut, and pecan are just a few of the options available.


A rising trend in commercial flooring, rubber flooring combines the style and color businesses are looking for with the safety, practicality, and cost-effectiveness that they love. Rubber flooring comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, with options for customized colors and shapes.

But rubber flooring offers other benefits over other flooring products. It is naturally slip resistant and easy to clean, and can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your business or facility. It also has shock absorbing and acoustic qualities, and is often environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

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