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Flooring Columbia SC

Welcome to Floor Boys Flooring where you will find

Columbia Wood Flooring

Tile and stone flooring
Laminate and Vinyl flooring
Custom made area rugs
Commercial flooring

And it’s not just the price that sets us apart.
For nearly 20 years we’ve been providing homeowners, builders, designers and architects with the best flooring products available. We scour the globe for the latest trends in wood and have all types of wood flooring and molding in stock– from hand-distressed to red oak. We carry it all!

Visit our store showroom in Lexington SC, we invite you to sample our products and we come to your home for free! Simply call the store and tell us that you would like to “see” some samples. Call 803-359-0507 and we will setup a time convenient for you.

What should you look for when comparing hardwood flooring retailers?

When updating your home with new wood floors, you’re probably looking for products with an elegant, yet durable design. You may also be looking for the best deal wood floors. Which factor should win out– style or price? The great news is with Floor Boys, you don’t have to choose because we deliver both!
Depending on the type of wood and desired finish, the price for real wood floors can range from rather affordable to fairly expensive. So, if you are looking for the best value possible, your initial reaction may be to look online first. However, many customers find that doing business with a local store in Columbia SC is often the best decision for both style and, yes, even price.

Some of our flooring options

  • laminate flooring
  • hardwood – flooring
  • hardwood flooring
  • flooring
  • wood flooring
  • vinyl flooring
  • tile flooring
  • laminate wood flooring
  • shaw flooring
  • shaw laminate flooring
  • kitchen flooring
  • mohawk flooring
  • bruce flooring
  • wood laminate flooring
  • best laminate flooring
  • ceramic tile flooring
  • mannington flooring
  • mullican flooring

Visit Our Showroom Today

Floor Boys Flooring Columbia SC is a real store: This means manufacturer backed warranties, expert advice and proven end results for you, our client. We value our customers and will help you find the right floor for your home and budget. Call now 803-359-0507 to learn about our specials and how Floor Boys Flooring Columbia SC can satisfy your unique wood flooring requirements right away!

There are two important things to consider when selecting new floors: the flooring itself and the installation process. In this article, we’ll look at how a local Columbia store can help you identify the best quality at the best price for both.

You Can’t Beat Seeing Samples In-Person
When you shop with local wood floor stores (such as Floor Boys Flooring in Columbia SC), you will be able to select the floors in person. You can see the actual color of the floors, and you can pick up a sample to see how the flooring will look in your home.
Being able to feel the texture and see and grain of the wood is extremely important for making the right decision. You generally do not have this luxury when you shop with online stores. In addition, local merchants are often more accessible to answer questions you may have about style, quality, pricing, and durability.

Local Store Owners Know the Best Installers
Sure, online stores can connect you with installers via their websites. But are you really getting a valuable recommendation? Or did the installer simply pay for advertising space on that merchant’s website?
In contrast, local wood floor stores like Floor Boys typically have a hand-selected installation team who is ready to serve your needs. Local stores tend to partner with the best contractors who already have a proven track record if contracted out to third party installers.
As with any major investment in your home, it is best to explore all of your hardwood flooring options. It may be convenient to shop online, but you will enjoy better overall results when you make your purchase with a local store like Floor Boys Flooring Columbia SC.

At Floor Boys Flooring Columbia SC you will find brand name carpet, tile floors and you may also be looking for the best deal on your wood floors. Depending on the type of wood and desired finish, the price for real wood floors can range from rather affordable to fairly expensive.

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