10 Flooring Trends to Consider for Your Home Redesign

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March 1, 2018
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10 Flooring Trends to Consider for Your Home Redesign

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Redesigning a home is always a fun, creative adventure.

You may be moving in somewhere new, or finding ways to make your current address look like new with different design tricks. Maybe you’re painting the walls a fresh color or upgrading the furniture.

Maybe, you’ve decided to do away with your old floors and get something better.

Choosing what’s better for your home is ultimately a personal decision. But, there are many flooring trends that can help you stir some inspiration and get a sense of what will look beautiful in your space.

The following is an overview of all the flooring trends homeowners are all about right now.

1. Parquet Hardwood

Wood floors are one of the most classic, timeless flooring trends out there.

The right wood looks great for a shabby, chic home as well as a rustic interior design approach or an industrial setting. You just need to choose the right shade and know how to lay it all down to look just right.

When considering the layout, play with the idea of parquet hardwood.

This is the practice of laying flooring down in a geometric design. Parquet floors usually create angles and establish a sense of texture on the floor. They become a noticeable part of your home’s design, rather than just a surface to walk on.

2. Wide Plank Flooring

Another way to get some life out of your floors is to use wide plank flooring.

Such a method uses wood panels that are a bit larger than you may expect. The result is an interesting setup of panels which make a room look bigger than it actually is.

It’s a modern approach to traditional wood flooring trends. Most wide plank floors have planks over a foot wide.

3. Distressed Planks

Instead of cutting your planks into big pieces, maybe you should distress them. Distressed planks are one of the newer flooring trends taking the interior design world by storm.

The planks are usually made of reclaimed wood. This is a great eco-friendly choice for those who are looking to improve the green living standards in their home.

You can choose between various tones and textures of distressed planks, although they typically lean on the darker side. Such a look goes great with modern homes as well as transitional designs.

4. Porcelain Planks

If you want wood floors, but you aren’t a fan of the maintenance that comes with wood flooring trends, get porcelain planks.

Porcelain planks can fool pretty much any eye that looks at your floors. They have all the aesthetic qualities of wood and more.

These planks can hold up against moisture much better, which means you can lay porcelain all throughout the house. Use this flooring trend in your kitchen, living room, and bathroom without worry.

5. Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is another option that looks like wood but is actually a little different. In fact, bamboo is a type of grass!

But, it’s much more beautiful and durable than the strands that grow on your lawn. Bamboo also tends to be a bit more eco-friendly than traditional wood flooring. If this is something you care about, just make sure you do a little research on the supplier you’re buying from and how they source.

Wherever you get your bamboo planks from, double check that they’re dehumidified. This makes them more likely to last a bit longer than usual.

6. Large Tiles

So far, all the flooring trends mentioned have one thing in common: they are all planks. These offer a wide variety of styles to choose from, but there’s much more to flooring than laying rectangular slabs side by side.

Maybe you’d rather use squares, like large tiles.

Tile flooring is a beautiful way to make your home look elegant and clean. These are pretty strong against scratches and stains, and also simple to maintain.

What more could you ask for? Oh right – all the textures and colors that tiles come in!

7. Small Tile Arrangements

These tiny little squares aren’t necessarily meant to be used throughout the house. But, if you’re redesigning your master bathroom or your kitchen, consider investing in this flooring trend.

Using small tiles allows you to explore your creativity. You can play with arrangements that make a big, central design or that create some sort of border around the room.

Small tile designs can be used throughout a room as patterns, too.

8. Carpet Tiles

Like the thought of using tile, but don’t like how cold it can feel on your bare feet?

Get carpet tiles instead! Similar to the use of small tiles, these aren’t necessarily the answer for your whole home. Still, they look great when placed correctly in certain areas.

Use carpet tiles under the main seating area of your living room or beneath the bed in the master or guest rooms. You can lay them on top of the flooring that’s already there, like a rug, or lift the flooring and install carpet tiles straight into the ground.

9. Recycled Carpet

Just as carpet tiles can create a lovely accent to a room, so can recycled carpets.

This is another environmentally-conscious option on the list. Recycled carpets are the result of repurposed nylon and plastic bottles. Many are stain-resistant, and each one is a beautiful choice.

Such a flooring option comes in various designs. You can opt for a standard carpet of a single color. Or, look at intricate patterns and uses of color to create a statement area in a certain room.

10. Terrazzo Flooring

Last but not least, consider getting terrazzo flooring in your home.

This concept creates a modern look with the use of stone chips that are laid in concrete or resin. The result is a durable, long-lasting floor that’s absolutely stunning.

The stone chips are typically marble. If you really want a high-end result, look for granite flooring options instead.

Keep up with Flooring Trends and Flooring Professionals

Still not sure which flooring trends you want to use in your home? Are you working on building your budget before you make the commitment?

Whatever your hesitation, look on the bright side – this is an opportunity to take your time and get the best outcome possible. Make sure to stay on top of each trend and get in contact with flooring professionals as you decide.

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