The Best Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Flooring

Many home and business owners are looking for the best laminate flooring style and durability of hardwood or stone flooring, but at a price they can better afford. That’s why laminate and vinyl flooring have become so popular.

Laminate, for instance, is a huge favorite in high traffic areas. As a durable flooring made of many layers and almost indistinguishable from hardwood or stone flooring, laminate makes an excellent flooring choice for those on a budget.

Vinyl offers affordability with style and durability. Properly installed over the correct subflooring, vinyl flooring is remarkably dent resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. The durability features of vinyl flooring makes it ideal for high-traffic use.

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Though laminate floors are lower in price than solid hardwood flooring, its durability and aesthetic appeal is comparable. In fact, laminates are so well made they are practically indistinguishable from solid hardwood or stone flooring to the eye.
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As with laminates, quality vinyl flooring is practically indistinguishable from natural flooring products in appearance. Finishes include realistic wood floor designs, tile, and stone.



Best Laminate Flooring
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A recent innovation in laminate and vinyl flooring is the addition of texture. By adding texture, manufacturers add the “feel” of wood grain or stone to the flooring material. Now laminate and vinyl floors not only mimic the appearance as seen by the eye, but also mimic the feel as determined by your sense of touch. This is because textured surfaces do have texture and are not dependent on fooling the eye to impart the textured look. Where to buy vinyl in Lexington, SC? Where to buy vinyl in Columbia, SC?

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