The Top 10 Benefits Of Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

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The Top 10 Benefits Of Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring

The U.S. flooring business will top $166 billion by 2020. There are so many options to choose from including vinyl, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, cork, and laminate. You can find the perfect flooring to fit all your rooms and your budget.

Want your floors to have the look of hardwood without the costly expense? Vinyl plank flooring might be for you. Read on to learn about all the benefits you get from using this material.

1. Price

If you like the look of wood but don’t want to break the bank, consider luxury vinyl plank as a cost effective option. You won’t have to sacrifice style to save money.

You should be leery of bargain brands that are much cheaper than others. The best bet is to go with mid-priced lines to get the features you want without paying more than you need to.

You can always wait for sales or shop discontinued lines. Take a look at the manufacturer’s website for available discounts.

2. Style

You can find just about any style you want with vinyl from the rustic barn look to natural stone. You can also choose between various size planks to give you the look you really want. Why not mix and match styles to create your own look.

Vinyl also comes in a variety of textures like knotted or hand-scraped. Be sure the flooring texture is comfortable for those bare feet. Check by running your hands across the plank.

The wood options also mimic the feel of hardwood. You will be amazed at how real they look. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference – even for the pros.

Be sure you find the best style that is timeless. Flooring isn’t as easy and cost effective to change as painting the wall or changing out decor.

You can always bring samples home to see how the flooring looks with your decor, colors, and lighting. It’s best not to rush into the decision too quickly to regret later.

3. Versatility

You can install vinyl flooring in damp areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Vinyl is water-resistant and will not warp like wood. It will also not discolor or rot from splashes and spills.

You don’t nail down vinyl planks, so you can also install in the basement. If the flooring is going in a damp area, you should attach vapor barriers if the planks don’t have them attached already. You need that layer to prevent moisture for seeping up the seams and gathering below the boards.

Vinyl will handle humidity well. It doesn’t hurt to have a dehumidifier to help it stay nice especially in a basement.

The vinyl also does not trap allergens like carpet. This includes pet dander, dust, and other pollutants.

4. Easy Installation

Installation of these planks is so much easier than other floors. Vinyl tiles can be glued down or come pre-fitted to click and lock. Think of a jigsaw puzzle when the pieces fit together and lock.

You can do either option or both. For high traffic areas, you should consider gluing down the planks. Floating tiles work fine in other areas.

Always check the manufacturer guidelines or have a professional install. You can void your warranty if the flooring is not installed properly.

5. Durability

Busy households need flooring that is durable. Vinyl flooring is definitely durable and does not scratch very easily. You won’t have to worry about your toddler or pet messes with vinyl flooring.

The higher end vinyl planks are colored through the body, so you will never notice a scratch because the damage is not too visible. Most of these floors also have a hard clear coat as a protective layer.

Vinyl will absorb the shocks of drops unlike ceramic or stone. It doesn’t crack or chip. You will have to watch those sharp objects that they don’t land point into the flooring.

6. Insulation

Another big benefit of vinyl flooring is that it stays room temperature – even in the cold winter! Your floors will always be cozy.

If you like extra warm floors, you can pair vinyl with heating systems. Be sure to check the manufacturer requirements because they do vary across brands.

Another benefit of the vinyl is that it absorbs noise. This makes it a great choice for playrooms and second stories. You can still hear your favorite show downstairs even if a teenager is blaring the music upstairs.

7. Comfort

Vinyl absorbs pressure so it is soft underfoot. The flooring actually feels bouncy because its like a sponge absorbing all that pressure.

This is another reason this flooring is great in kitchens because if you are on your feet for an extended period it is soft. Vinyl planks are a great option for someone that suffers from back or leg pain. If you want additional softness, you can add layers of padding for even more comfort.

8. Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to cafe for because it doesn’t need much to keep its shine. You should not wax vinyl because it can damage the top layer. Check on the labels and instructions before using any cleaners.

Another nice thing about vinyl planks is that it takes only minutes to clean. You can clean the floors daily with a static dust broom. If you want to clean the floors use a damp moth with mild cleaners.

You need to wipe up any spills because the vinyl can stain. If something does happen to a plank, it is easy to just replace the one board.

9. Install Over Existing Floors

If you have tile floors, there is no need to worry about ripping them up You can install the vinyl floors right on top the existing floors. You just need to prepare the existing flooring for the install.

Adding over existing floors saves you time and a lot of hard work. No need to worry about any demolition or removal costs.

10. Water Resistant

This is the biggest advantage and deserves its own header. Not all flooring can get wet and stay in good shape. This flooring is a great option for those wet rooms.

Interested in Vinyl Plank Flooring?

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