10 Things to Look For in a Reliable Flooring Company

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January 17, 2018
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10 Things to Look For in a Reliable Flooring Company

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Considering a major home renovation always comes with a thousand what-ifs and second guesses. Choosing a reliable flooring company doesn’t have to be a tired slog to the finish, it can be a rewarding relationship in the making.

Most people looking to install new flooring want their home to be an inviting place that fits their needs. For those remodeling, they want to see their home and sometimes themselves in a new light.

New flooring rejuvenates a home and can be a huge save for energy bills. There are EnergyStar guides just for how much new flooring can save in energy bills.

Flooring lasts longer than most changes, and if done right, may last the duration of the lifespan of the home. Find a flooring company that will work with you through these questions and provides a service that will provide dividends in efficiency and beauty.

Searching for a Reliable Flooring Company

Replacing floors in a home or apartment represents an investment of time and money bigger than most. You have to be prepared to live with the choices for 10 years or more between cycles.

Getting a shoddy install can ruin that investment. Getting a material or look that you decide you hate makes every day living a little bit less satisfying. Avoid these issues by finding the best flooring company the first time.

1. Licensed

Licensing and insurance provide more than just a veneer of credibility to a company. These essential practices help to guarantee the consumer gets what they ask for.

Companies without licenses and who cannot show proof of insurance may not have the ability to follow through on other important aspects of the work. Licenses assure a level of quality, they also assure that the work will not get overly delayed by issues with permits, injury, or supplier shortages.

2. Samples

A great flooring company will provide you with samples, not just pictures. Samples give you a hands-on feel for the material and how it will function.

Samples give you a great way to see the density and scope of a product and to get into the make and composition.

Without samples, choosing the right products becomes more of a guessing game than an educated decision. Also, a robust product listing shows that the flooring company has some versatility in their approach to homes, and won’t just sell you the thing they have the most of.

3. Service

Long before you chose a company and get an installer, service starts with understanding the weight of a flooring choice. A flooring company should be eager to show their expertise and give you robust answers to even your most odd and embarrassing feeling questions.

Because there are no embarrassing or wrong questions when it comes to your home improvement goals. Only questions that you need guidance to shape into realities.

A company that won’t offer that guidance may have no guidance to give or could be treating you like a number. Neither should stand when making your choice.

4. Experience

Like in most other aspects of life, experience counts. A flooring company new to the game may not have run into enough problems to have enough solutions. The longer someone goes about their profession, the better they are in the bad times.

Experience also counts for the ability to negotiate with suppliers and give you information to questions. Find a flooring installer that has the experience needed to get the job done right and can assure you every step fo thew ay.

5. Expertise

While experience counts for time, expertise reflects ability. Even a company new to the game with a high level of expertise can make your floor shine.

Expertise will get your questions answered quickly and right, the first time. A company that knows their stuff can walk you through the energy and heat savings related to each material they sell. Expertise in the business also means staying ahead of trends and providing you with an install that goes smoothly and ahead of schedule.

6. Reviews

Don’t just take their word for it. A reliable flooring company has word of mouth and testimonials to show that they can get the job done. Reading through reviews from a variety of sources gives you a good sense of what working with a company is like and helps you see the people behind the work.

7. Returns

Check the return policy. A company that guarantees work should have no problem issuing a return on materials (and even labor) if your satisfaction isn’t met. Companies without insurance will find this much harder to do.

A flooring company that doesn’t have its return policy spelled out might be trying to trick the consumer. Always ask about the guarantees the company can provide for their work and materials.

8. Repairs

Sometimes work has issues. Or you house suffers a bit of an accident. Either way, a good repair and replace policy helps show you that the company knows the value of a floor and is able to patch a few spots to maintain the beauty and quality fo their work in your home.

Repairs and partial replacements also show that the company is able to deal with minor issues and you can trust that their install will account for those possibilities.

9. Tools

No job gets done without the proper tools. Asks about the tools related to flooring installation and repair. The company should be excited to talk to you about the latest trends and technology in the world they work.

Proper tools mean quality and lasting installation. They also mean a job done right, and at speed.

10. Product Line

Finally, check around for flooring companies that offer more than one product line. While some flooring companies may specialize in a type, such as hardwood or carpet, even there they should offer many brands and styles. A company that offers only a few choices might be a company looking to toss some warehouse stores and not meet your dreams and expectations.

Take a Peek

Don’t wait a moment longer looking at your old floor, get started on envisioning your new living space. We have a gallery full of ideas and past successes. Read through some testimonials.

Above all, contact us for some serious answers to your pressing questions. Find the right products to make your home a source of pride.

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