Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

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Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring

Looking to redo your floors? Overwhelmed with the many options?

Carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, which is the best?

One option you may not think of but should is vinyl flooring.

Many people have bad associations with vinyl, thinking of tacky, brightly colored bathroom floors, but vinyl is different these days.

You can now get it in many designs, thicknesses, and installation methods.

Vinyl is the perfect, low-cost option to redo your kitchen and bathroom floors and even your whole house.

This article will show you all the reasons vinyl is the right fit for your home.


When looking at new flooring options, one of the most important considerations is durability. You don’t want to be redoing all your floors in a couple years.

Vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which makes it long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Vinyl floors can now have many layers: the wear layer, protective clear layer, print layer, cushion layer, and the backing layer.

The thicker your floor, the longer it will last. Thicker floors are also more comfortable for your feet.

You want to make sure the wear layer is as thick as possible since this will keep your floor looking nice the longest. The wear layer can have anywhere from 1-3 coatings.

Vinyl no-wax flooring is made with just one coat of finish. It’s great for low traffic areas like closets or guest bathrooms.

Urethane is a double coating. This is good for higher traffics areas like bathrooms. It resists scuffs and stains like a pro!

Enhanced urethane is made with three coats. This is perfect for the room of your house that sees the most use like kitchens, hallways, and entryways. You won’t have to replace this type of vinyl any time soon!

Vinyl floors typically come in the following thicknesses depending on the type of vinyl you choose:

  • 6 ml
  • 20 ml
  • 28 ml

You can get them in almost any thickness you want though. Don’t be shy about asking for specific sizes as you shop.


Redoing your floors can be an expensive undertaking. Hardwoods and tiles cost a lot and then you have to pay for installation too.

Vinyl is one of your cheapest flooring options, and you can often install it yourself. Manufacturers often use recycles materials in vinyl flooring, which lowers the price. You’re also helping the environment by using recycled products!

With the money you’re saving using vinyl, you can opt to go for a nicer look than you could probably afford with other flooring options. You could even redo all of your floors at once instead of saving for each room!


While we all dream of expensive, intricate, beautiful household materials when it comes right down to it, we all really want inexpensive, durable, and easy maintenance. With kids, pets, and messy guests, keeping floors clean can be a nightmare. Vinyl takes care of all of that.

Spills on the carpet are impossible to remove, and hardwoods can be difficult to keep clean because of cracks or holes in the floorboards.

Vinyl solves these problems. Spills are easily wiped up, and disinfectant is easily sprayed on. Sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming vinyl is quick and easy.

Who wouldn’t want such a great solution to household cleaning? And with the excellent appearance of vinyl flooring these days, you can get that elegant, beautiful look with the functionality of vinyl!

Also, vinyl is great for difficult climates since it doesn’t hold in moisture like carpet or hardwoods. It insulates well against temperature changes, so the floor shouldn’t be freezing when you get out of bed in the morning like tiles.

This will keep mold and mildew out of your floors and make them more comfortable for your bare feet!

Decor Choices

Forget your grandma’s outdated, colorful bathroom floor. Vinyl has a lot more to offer these days.

You can get many more vinyl options than other flooring types. With wood or tile, you’re a lot more limited. Vinyl has more styles, colors, and patterns than you can count.

We often think of vinyl as colorful and designs, but it can also look like other flooring types. Vinyl can now come in patterns that look like hardwood, stone, or tile. Why have all the expense and work of other flooring types when you can have the same look for less with vinyl?

Installation Choices

Plus, you can now choose between vinyl sheets, tiles, planks, and engineered tiles.

Vinyl sheets are great for large areas. They are usually sold in 6-foot widths but can be wider if needed. This is often the cheapest vinyl flooring option.

With vinyl sheets, you may want to hire a professional for installation. Check out this article on how to find a reliable flooring installation company.

If you want to install your new flooring yourself, vinyl tiles are a great way to go. You can choose between gluing them down, floating, or self-adhesive.

Gluing down the tiles is the most used method and tends to last the longest. Floating tiles click together, making them easy to install. Peel and stick tiles are probably the easiest way to lay a floor yourself.

Vinyl planks give you the look of a wood floor but are cheaper and way easier to clean! Planks are installed just like tile with glue down, self-adhesive, or floating options.

Even though wood is not recommended for bathrooms or laundry rooms, you can now have a wood-looking floor with vinyl. It will protect against water and moisture, but will still give you that great hardwood look!

Engineered tiles are a newer option for vinyl. They are much thicker and have a layer of waterproof material inside. Since they are thicker they are great at reducing noise and better insulating rooms.

These tiles often have a lifetime warranty too!

With all these great options, who wouldn’t want to go with vinyl!

Pick Your Vinyl Flooring

Now that you know why vinyl is a great flooring option, it’s time to look at some actual pieces. Check out this great resource for vinyl flooring options.

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